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Mini Balmoral

Balmoral, Mini

Status: Released

A call came through on our 24-hour rescue line, reporting that a mother and joey koala had been attacked by a dog in the backyard of a house in Port Macquarie. Our rescuers picked up the two koalas, although the mother died from her extensive injuries.

Balmoral Mini weighed only 500 grams and appeared to be unharmed. One of our experienced volunteers took Mini in for home care, where she remained for five months. Once Mini was two and a half kilograms she moved into the Joey Yard at the Koala Hospital. She shared this yard with other joeys for a few more months, in a process we call “dehumanising”. Here they have minimal contact with our volunteers and learn to become wild koalas.

Balmoral Mini was released along with Myoora Jarrah and other joeys on 28 August 2018 into a release program developing population in a new area.

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